E-Cargo Cruiser

Light. Comfortable. Beautiful.

The lightest electric cargo bike on the market

it's the classic
E-Cargo Cruiser 5.3

More than a decade, that's how long the classic E-Cargo Cruiser is out there. It's the first electric cargo bike that was added to Johnny Loco's bicycle fleet. Endless development with a beautiful result. The E-Cargo Cruiser 5.3, is ready for you when you are.

Dutch Delight

Earl Grey


E-Cargo Cruiser 5.2 and 5.3

What are the differences?

E-Cargo Cruiser 5.2 has gears from Shimano (Nexus-5). This is the traditional way of changing gears: click, clack.

E-Cargo Cruiser 5.3 has gears from Enviolo (Stepless). This is the most smooth and revolutionary changing gears experience on the market: you will not feel or hear a thing.

Both electric bikes are designed the same. They have identical features and qualities. No difference to be seen by eye.

Please be advised that E-Cargo Cruiser 5.2 will be out of the collection soon. Last models online now.

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