Johnny Loco Movie Pack 🍿

only available in The Netherlands!

Did you know? Our optical frames and sunglasses, are inspired by and named after famous movie characters. Like Biff from "Back to the Future", Don Vito from "The Godfather" or Tyler from "Fight Club". Dutch design, handmade from high quality materials and available in lots of color combinations. There must be a pair of sunglasses that fits your style.

To let our Johnny's meet the world of movies and series, Johnny Loco has a giveaway for a limited time: The Johnny Loco Movie Pack 🍿

How to get one?

It's easy. Just order a pair of sunglasses in our online shop and we will send the Johnny Loco Movie Pack together with your fresh pair of sunglasses.

What's inside?

Next to your new pair of sunglasses, the Movie Pack consists a Pathé Thuis card to purchase one movie of your choice, a popcorn box and a sachet of microwave popcorn to fill that popcorn box with fresh, warm and crispy popcorn.

Are there any limitations?

The only limitations we have, is the stock of our sunglasses and Movie Packs. While stock lasts.

When does this offer ends?

Until further notice. We like to keep it thrilling, don't you agree? You never know when this offer ends. So this is your chance.

I don't live in The Netherlands. What do I get?

Unfortunately, because Pathé Thuis is only available in The Netherlands, orders abroad will be shipped as usual. Your fresh pair of sunglasses including case, cover and cleaning cloth.


Any questions or remarks on this offer? Let us know